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photo credits: Stephan Sorkin, Stefan Hollenberg, Matthias Reulecke

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Consulting is our core competency. A network of experts in the fields of VR, AR, MXR, 360°, fairs & exhibitions, copywriting, design, music and visual arts have provided an impressive list of references for corporates, agencies and institutions. In light of the increasing digitalization, we are at your side to achieve the best solutution for your needs. • great thoughts do not only need wings to fly, they also need a chassis for landing • Neil Armstrong (astronaut)

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Bolela Likafu

Head of Operations
Bolela has an impressive portfolio. He has worked with customers like Playstation, Intel, Casio, Sony, Kodak etc… He likes Africa, sustainability, and innovation!

Criss Canizares

Director Finance
Criss has worked for big event and insurance companies like Zurich, Albingia, Axa Corporate Solutions etc… When it comes to financial matters he is the person in charge.

Fred Weidmann

Dr. Fred Weidmann is a Swiss traditional artist living in Munich, Germany. He is a traditional artist, entering the NFT scene at the age of 84 years.

Kuehlhaus Berlin

KühlhausBerlin – an industrial building from the 19th century, now a vibrant space for art, fashion, music and culture – contact us for more information.


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